Surface is a minimalist and robust Touch Panel designed to control and visualize living spaces with KNX Technology. Thanks to its slim design and premium finishes, Surface will blend in beautifully with all living spaces.

Design Details

Surface is designed to complement living spaces with modern interior design. Slim and flush mounted design combined with sharp edges and small bezel area provide clean and neutral design for Surface Panel.

Premium Finish Options

Hardware Features

CoreOS 4.0 Inside

CoreOS 4.0 Inside
Surface Panel is powered by CoreOS 4.0; a powerful software platform updated with new User Experience and Interface to provide seamless user experience to control KNX Systems.

Availability and Pricing

Starting from today, Surface Panel is available for order. First orders will be delivered in March 2023 and average lead time for orders is 4 weeks in 2023. Please contact us at  for further information about pricing and orders.

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