We are pleased to announce our new KNX – Air Conditioner Gateway Interface Product Range for major brands of AC industry:

  • Mitsubishi Electric Domestic & Mr. Slim & City Multi (Currently in Stock!)
  • Daikin VRV & Sky Systems (Currently in Stock!)
  • Samsung Nasa VRF (Available for Orders)
  • LG VRF Systems (Available for Orders in Q2)
  • Mitsubishi Heavy FD & VRF Systems (Available for Orders in Q2)
  • Gree VRF Systems (Available for Orders in Q2)

Besides wide range of brand integrations, this product range offers unique features for AC interfaces:

  • KNX Certified products
  • Configured via ETS
  • Offering wide range of KNX DPT objects
  • Total control and monitoring of all functions of AC units
  • Reporting Error logs to KNX systems
  • Reduced dimensions, fixing metal and magnet combination to provide safe and proper installation
  • Industrial grade connectors providing secure connection to AC Unit and preventing failure of device or AC unit due to wrong terminal connections

We ensure stock availability for your orders with short lead time deliveries.

Stay tuned for new brands integrations for AC Systems!

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