Seamless IoT Integrations
with KNX Systems

Core Touch Panels are gateways between
KNX Systems and IoT world natively without
need of additional hardware or software.

IFTTT Integration

Automate KNX System with IoT World
by Core Touch Panels

If-This-Then-That functions open a whole world of
new options for running your home automatically.

Using the IFTTT principle, you can even
link appliances and services from IoT world.

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Slide Run Welcome Scene, When You Arrive Home Slide Start iRobot, When goodbye scene activated Slide Play Favourite List in Sonos, When party scene activated Slide Turn-on Hue Ambient Lights, When chilling scene activated Possibilities are Endless
in IFTTT Platform

Core Touch Panels & Amazon Alexa
Coolest way to control your smart home

You can control Core Smart Home Scenes
with voice commands to Amazon Echo devices.

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Hey Google, Turn on
Welcome Scene!

You can control Core scenes and devices with Google Assistant and Google Home devices.

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Hey Siri, Turn on Lights

You can active Core Smart Home scenes
with Siri Shortcuts.

User Guides

QSG – Alexa
QSG – Google Home
QSG – Siri Shortcuts